Roberts' Big Oak Farm

Midland, NC

What We Do

We farm over 200 acres of pasture land, hay fields and woodlands, right here in Piedmont North Carolina. We humanely raise our animals and work hard to keep them healthy so they can continue to grow and thrive. Our cows are high-percentage Black Angus and with the purchase of our registered Black Angus Bull, “Big Oak Farm Expectation” in May 2009, we strive to continue the improvement of our herd. Our calves are born on our farm and are produced by our cows. We never purchase calves at sale barns and then claim them to be raised on our farm.

When our calves are born, they spend several months with their mothers and the herd rotationally grazing our pastures. Calves are weaned from their mothers at six to ten months of age and are usually around 500 pounds upon completion of weaning. Steers are then placed back with the herd to continue their grass-fed weight gain and are usually ready for processing at between 1000 to 1200 pounds. If you are interested in Grain-fed finished beef, give us a call. Grain-fed beef is a little more expensive due to the extra feed cost but some people prefer grain finished beef. Our animals are outside every day, grazing on fresh grass in fresh air. They have constant access to fresh water and mineral supplements.
They are never fed animal byproducts or implanted with growth hormones. During the winter months, when the grass does not grow, our cows are fed hay which we produce on our farm. We allow our cows to grow at their own natural pace in their own natural environment. Although it takes more time and expense to raise quality cows this way, it's a better product for you, it's better for the animals, and it's better for the world we all share. We believe tender, gourmet, juicy, flavorful beef can be raised on grass.

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that our customers trust our products. We want you to feel secure in enjoying all natural farm raised beef that come from our home to yours. By patronizing us, you're helping to continue the Roberts’ family tradition of making new friends and providing quality Black Angus beef.

- The Roberts’ Family

Farm Raised Beef

Our cows are raised on our pastures. In the winter months they are fed hay (orchard grass, timothy and fescue) produced on our farm. We do not force-feed our animals; we allow them to grow in their natural environment at their own natural pace. Please call for pricing and to confirm availability.

Fresh Farm Eggs

Free Range Brown Chicken eggs are also sometimes available. Please call for pricing and to confirm availability.

Local, NC Mountain & Sourwood Honey

Roberts’ Big Oak Farm Local Honey is produced on the farm by our bees primarily from Japanese Holly trees. However, our bees also have access to all types of native North Carolina flowers to produce their honey. Upon completion of the Local Honey flow and processing, we move some of the bee hives to the NC Mountains around the West Jefferson, NC area. The bees then have access to the Mountain Honey flow as well as the Sourwood Honey flow. Honey is processed following the Mountain Honey flow as well as following the Sourwood Honey flow. The Bees and hives are then returned to the farm and prepared for winter. Please call for pricing and to confirm availability.

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