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Law Enforcement and the United States Navy have deep roots in the Roberts’ family.

James Bost Roberts Jr., joined the Navy in Aug 1941, attended boot camp in Norfolk, VA and was assigned aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-5) as a Gunner’s Mate Striker. The USS Yorktown participated in and was damaged during the Battle of Coral Sea and sunk during the Battle of Midway. Following the USS Yorktown sinking, Dad served aboard the USS Oglala (LST-1), supporting the Naval and Marine battles during the South Pacific Island Campaign, until the end of the War. Dad then served aboard the USS LST-551 and completed a tour of recruiting duty at RTS Raleigh, NC. Dad was discharged from the US Navy in Aug 1949 as a Gunner’s Mate First Class. Subsequent to his discharge, Dad returned to the family farm to assist his father farm.

In 1951, Dad was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the Cabarrus County NC Sheriff’s Department, was appointed Sheriff of Cabarrus County in April 1954 and served as Sheriff of Cabarrus County until December 1982. Prior to and upon retirement, Dad has farmed the family farm located in Cabarrus County NC. For additional information, see the attached article on my Dad’s background, law enforcement and military service, located at:

I have five (5) brothers and one (1) sister – four of my brothers and me (five total) served in the U.S. Navy and subsequently retired from the U.S. Navy Reserves. In addition three of my brothers and me (four total) have also served and retired from federal or local law enforcement.

My oldest brother, Jim Roberts – served three years on active duty with the USN as a CT (Portuguese Linguist) in Puerto Rico. Jim completed his active duty as a CT3. Following college, Jim was commissioned as a US Naval Intelligence Officer in the Naval Reserve. Jim retired in 2004 as a Navy Captain with over 34 years total service. Jim also was employed and retired as a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), with over 30 years service. During his Naval Reserve career, Jim was also qualified and served as a USNR NCIS Special Agent. After 9/11, Jim was mobilized with NCIS until September 2003, served as the East Coast Senior Reserve Coordinator, led a team of 120 officers and enlisted involved in force protection in Europe, the Middle East and the East Coast of the US. Jim was awarded the Legion of Merit for his NCIS service.

My next to the oldest brother, John Roberts – served four years on active duty with the USN as a Gunner’s Mate (Guns) aboard the USS Douglas H. Fox (DD-779) and the USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697), completing several deployments to Vietnam. John retired from the US Navy Reserves with over 30 years service as Gunner’s Mate Senior Chief (GMCS). John’s USNR career included a tour to the Middle East during Desert Storm with the Seabees. John was also employed and retired as a Captain with the Cabarrus County NC Sheriff’s Department with over 26 years service. Two of John’s children, Gene and Johnny Roberts, are currently employed as Deputy Sheriff’s, one with Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department and one with the Calhoun County Alabama Sheriff’s Department. Gene Roberts also served on active duty with the US Navy for six years as an Engineman Third Class (EN3) aboard the USS Ashland (LSD-48). John’s third son, Ben Roberts was commissioned an Ensign in the US Navy following graduation from North Carolina State University Naval ROTC. ENS Roberts began flight training April. 2014.

I’m the next brother in line, Charles Roberts – while and following completion of college, I was employed as a Clerk with FBI Charlotte. When the FBI froze their Special Agent employment opportunities, I joined the US Navy in March 1975 and served on active duty for eight years until July 1983. My active duty included service as a Gunner’s Mate (Guns) Second Class (GMG2) aboard the USS England (CG-22). Following an appointment to Officer Candidate School (OCS), I was commissioned a US Naval Officer in March 1978 and served aboard the USS Sellers (DDG-11) where I qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer. Following an active duty assignment with Commander, Naval Mine Warfare Command, I joined the Naval Reserves and subsequently qualified as a Naval Intelligence Officer. I retired with over 22 years service as a Commander. I was also employed with the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) which subsequently became the Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( NCIS) as a Special Agent, retiring in 2004. Following retirement from NCIS, I was employed as a contractor providing Counterintelligence Support to NCISHQ.

The next brother in line is Mike Roberts - Mike served for three years as a Naval Intelligence Reserve Officer and obtained the rank of LTJG prior to completion of his reserve duty. Mike is a professional engineer involved in the design/build of Industrial Process Systems. He serves as the Executive Vice President of Industrial Piping, Inc. and President of Industrial Process Engineers P.C. located in Pineville, NC. Mike’s second son Luke graduated from the US Naval Academy and completed training in aviation as an NFO.

The next sibling is my sister, Lisa Green - Lisa is employed as a Registered Nurse in Charlotte, NC and has two daughters whom the family encourages often to pursue a Naval and/or Law Enforcement Career following college.

The next brother is Bob Roberts - Bob retired after 20 years as a Special Agent, with the U.S. Secret Service and is currently employed as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the Federal Air Marshal Service's Charlotte Field Office. During Bob's Secret Service career his assignments included Investigation assignments in various field offices. He also served on the Protection Detail of US President’s Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton assigned to the Counter Assault Team (CAT), and was assigned to the Presidential Protection Division (PPD) during President Bill Clinton's first term. He was promoted to ATSAIC on the Vice President Gore Detail and was promoted to ASAC on the Vice President Cheney Detail. Bob retired as an Inspector in the USSS.

The last brother is Joe Roberts - Joe served over 20 years as a Naval Reserve CEC Officer (Seabee), retiring at the rank of Commander. Joe retired after eighteen years as a civilian engineer with the Navy in Panama City, Fl and now owns his own company, “Roberts’ & Associates” building custom homes in North Carolina. Joe’s website is

In addition, my father-in-law, Joseph Frank Hautzenroder, served on active duty with the US Navy from May 1947 until retirement in August 1976. Mr. Hautzenroder retired from the US Navy as a Parachute Rigger Senior Chief Petty Officer (PRCS). Mike’s father-in-law, Joseph Nicholas Manganaro, served on active duty with the US Navy and US Air Force, retiring from the Air Force as a Major. John’s father-in-law, James Harold Wright served on active duty in the US Navy from January 1942 until February 1946. Mr. Wright obtained the rank of Lieutenant and served aboard the USS Chew (DD-106) and USS Chauncey (DD-667) during the WWII pacific Campaign. Jim’s father-in-Law, Dr. Trent Busby, was a Medical Officer in the Army and served with a MASH unit during the Korean War. Needless to say, he never missed an episode of the TV series MASH.

One side note that may provide a partial explanation as to why the Roberts’ family has displayed such patriotism for military and law enforcement service, our Seventh Great-Grandfather, John Birdsong, was the fourth Sheriff of Chatham County, North Carolina serving May 1779 until May 1781. Major John Birdsong served with the Chatham County Militia of the Revolutionary Army. On 16 July 1781, Sheriff and Major John Birdsong was captured with 53 other principal citizens of Chatham County by the Tories and subsequently held as a prisoner of war in Wilmington, NC and aboard a prison ship in Charleston, SC. Additional details are located at:

In addition, our Great- Great Uncle Robert Marsh was a Captain Chaplin, in the Confederate Army; Great Uncle Isaac Roberts was a 1st LT in the NC 3rd Calvary; Great Grandfather Robert Marsh Roberts served as a Jr. Reserve in the Confederate Army and Great Uncles, Charles, John, and Benjamin Roberts were enlisted in the Confederate Army and were all wounded and or captured during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Charles E. Roberts
Feb 2014
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